Let The Journey Begin

Bright Scientists warn us that for Earth Life to flourish we must extend that life away from Earth to a Space Colony. We were even told by the much celebrated physicist, Stephen Hawking, to do so in no more than 150 earth years of the calendar or perish. Whatever the truth it is generally accepted that we must start an Earth Colony at some point in time to flourish.

Easier Said Than Done

SCIENCE fiction is filled with visions of galactic empires. How people would spread from star system to star system, and communicate with each other in ways that could hold such empires together once they had done so. It is, though, very much the “fiction” bit. The universal maximum speed of travel represented by the velocity of light is usually circumvented by technological magic in SciFi works. The truth is that, unless there has been some huge misunderstanding of the laws of physics, human colonisation of the galaxy will be hard.

A number of scientists reckon a more modest approach towards spreading life to other star systems might be possible.

In the chill of deep space, bacteria somehow shielded from cosmic radiation might survive dormant for millions of years. Perhaps alien worlds could be seeded deliberately with terrestrial micro-organisms that might take hold there, jump-starting evolution on those planets.

And so we begin. We have no idea where to go. I will not be alive to see the end.

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